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Infinity Motors Guide to International Payment Methods

At Infinity Motors, we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality German vehicles to our esteemed clientele worldwide. As we expand our global footprint, we understand the importance of offering flexible and secure payment methods to cater to our diverse customer base. Here's a comprehensive guide to the various payment methods we offer, ensuring a seamless transaction experience for our valued customers


  • Description: Ideal for our distributors. Payment is made to Infinity Motors only after the vehicle is sold to the end customer.

  • Pros: Reduces upfront costs and offers a flexible payment timeline.

  • Cons: It requires a trusted partnership, which we're always keen to establish with our distributors.

Documentary Collections (D/C)

  • Description: Our bank collaborates with yours to facilitate the payment in exchange for the vehicle's ownership documents.

  • Pros: A cost-effective method offering a balance of assurance and flexibility.

  • Cons: While there's limited recourse in case of non-payment, our team ensures all steps are transparent and agreed upon in advance.


  • Description: Before we ship your dream vehicle, you make the payment, ensuring a straightforward transaction.

  • Pros: Complete transparency and zero risk of unexpected costs for you.

  • Cons: We understand that paying upfront might not always be feasible. Rest assured, we have other options tailored for your convenience.

  • Details: Choose from wire transfers, credit card payments, or escrow services for smaller transactions.

  • Description: A bank commitment ensures that once specific conditions are met, the payment is released. It's a win-win for both parties.

  • Pros: A secure method that guarantees your conditions are met before any payment is made.

  • Cons: It might involve some paperwork, but our team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Open Account

  • Description: We trust our customers. Receive your vehicle and make the payment within an agreed timeframe, be it 30, 60, or 90 days.

  • Pros: Enhances your cash flow and offers flexibility.

  • Cons: While this method places trust in our customers, we also offer export credit insurance for added security.

At Infinity Motors, our customer satisfaction is paramount. We're committed to offering a range of payment options to suit your needs, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free purchase experience. Should you have any questions or need further guidance on any payment method, our dedicated team is always here to assist. Drive with confidence, knowing that Infinity Motors has your back!

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